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Follow-up project

The CASSANDRA project aims to make container security more efficient and effective.

The project addresses the visibility needs of both business and government in the international flow of containerised cargo by developing a data sharing concept that allows an extended assessment of risks by both business and government.


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Final INTEGRITY Advisory Board meeting

On 23 September 2011 the final meeting of the INTEGRITY Advisory Board took place in Brussels.

Purpose of the Advisory Board was to discuss the INTEGRITY approach with a broader audience of relevant stakeholders from industry, association and administration. During the meeting, the results of the INTEGRITY project, namely the SICIS system which achieves supply chain visibility over the complete door-to-door container supply chain and the results from the demonstration phase during which more than 5400 containers were tracked on their journey from China to Europe were presented and discussed. Furthermore, the CASSANDRA project has been introduced, which bases on INTEGRITY and will extend the scope to additional trade lanes from Europe to the US and to Africa.

The INTEGRITY consortium would like to thank the members of the Advisory Board for their fruitful support and constructive contributions to the INTEGRITY project.

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