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Follow-up project

The CASSANDRA project aims to make container security more efficient and effective.

The project addresses the visibility needs of both business and government in the international flow of containerised cargo by developing a data sharing concept that allows an extended assessment of risks by both business and government.


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OHB Teledata

OHB Teledata was founded in 1993. Since 2002 the company is part of the Telematics Division of the OHB Technology AG.

OHB Teledata is primarily active in the traffic telematics market in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and the United States. The company combines modern terrestrial and satellite based telecommunication and information technologies, as well as web-based portals making vehicle and freight movements more reliable and transparent, to control these movements in a flexible, timely manner and to document them comprehensively and in real time. Core business is the development and distribution of commercial solutions for vehicle diagnostic, efficient fleet and freight management, solutions for monitoring temperatures, pressures etc. of the transported cargo. In total, OHB Teledata solutions contribute significantly to increasing the efficiency and reliability of traffic processes worldwide.